subtitled “27 colour photographs by different manners of technique taken between the 20th and the 26th of november, 2022 around one frank bradish, gulf war purple heart, and the family house near pocatello, idaho.”
    a pseudo-documentary portrait of north-western american banality made during a family visit to pocatello, idaho. the photographs play with the flawed dynamic of the photoreportueur and its subject, not attempting to reveal a hidden truth in an unbalanced power dynamic, instead embracing the opacity of the photographic image to self-reflectively explore themes of masculinity and the opaque shell of concealment, suppression and violence that results from it. this project attempts to form a portrait of who frank is, in addition to form a self-portrait exploration on the nature of the photographic image and the dynamics it imposes on its subject, purposefully subverting them.

november 23rd at around 2pm
portrait of frank

frank’s cave, venture bro’s season one dvd menu, pocatello

used shells, deer crap, pocatello

november 26th, at around 7:30pm
grandma ray watching ncis, before football

dust between the bed and nightstand, pocatello

cheese curds, ranch, cranberry juice, etc

corner of union pacific ave. and center st., pocatello

november 25th at around 1:15pm
portrait of tor

shell reloading bench, next to the laundry room, pocatello

november 21st at around 11:40 am
barn with broken pot and butter knife

to the right of the deep fryers, above the washing machines, first national bar, around 7:45am, pocatello

tor and frank, morning after thanksgiving

upstairs bathroom, pocatello

november 20th at around 9:45pm
self portrait

corner of s harrison ave. and w bonneville st., around 5:45 pm, pocatello

project book dummy
27 tipped-in inkjet prints
text from a recorded conversation
loose sheet plate section, text and cover bound with gummed paper tape